HimalayanCrossingThe Himalayan Crossing – Four best elements of this race – Unmatched Stunning Himalayan landscape, high altitude, rough terrain and extreme temperatures.  It’s a celebration of the mountain spirit. These mountains sing to you with their silence, enchant you with their color hues, and silence you with their majesty. True to its name, the route criss-crosses through mountain ranges of The Himalayas, taking you through Kinnaur and Spiti Valleys before ending on one of the toughest passes on this planet – The Rohtang La. This route cuts through mountains and splendid landscapes, is surrounded by snow capped majestic peaks, goes over two of the highest passes, Kunzum and Rohtang, extends through wide valleys, camps by high altitude lake, The Chandra Taal, and takes you to the highest village in Asia, Komic.

So what makes this route a must-do as we make it out to be? We may be masochistic to some extent, to want pain and suffer these climbs, terrain and landscape, but, we believe no runner is left untouched by the beauty, serenity, and the toughness of the route, surely asking for a repeat!


Race details:

  • Dates: July 26-29, 2016:
  • Format: Crew supported Solo or two-member team (members of the team must run together throughout and the crew remains with them throughout)
  • Acclimatization: 4-5 days
  • Acclimatization location: PUH, AND KAZA, HIMACHAL PRADESH
  • Distance: 338kms/Total time 70 Hrs
  • Number of stages: 1, with two time cut-off sections for safety of runners. (260Kms, cut-off time 58 hours and 78 Kms final stage)


  • Crew supported. Organizers will provide tents and hot water at approximately 30Km intervals for crew and runners to rest and re-energize. Night time mandatory follow will be in place. Crew can leave the runner for short periods of time during the day to replenish stock or run other errands.
  • In the two-stage format, when a runner arrives at Chandra Tal earlier than 3am on July 29, 2016, runner receives credit for the time spent at Chandra Tal camp. Runner is allowed to resume their race at 3am owing to the snow covered and narrow roads and safety conditions between Chandra Tal and Chatru, a 33km section of the route.

Qualifying parameters and applying:

  • A runner must have completed a 220Km race within cut-off, with a history of running 100mile races in the previous 12 months.
  • If you have completed any other high altitude events or ultra races around the world such as or similar to Western States, Tahoe 200, Jungle Ultra, Hardrock, H.U.R.T 100, 6633 Ultra, UTMB or La Ultra, you can apply for the race by filling this INTEREST APPLICATION form.

Race Details:

  • Starting elevation: 2792 meters
  • Max elevation: 4554 meters 
  • Second highest climb for the finish: 3930 meters 
  • Total gain: 10886 meters (35,923.8 feet)
  • Application dates: Oct 01, 2015 – May 01, 2016
  • Last date for payments: MAY 15, 2016



Stage Start – End Distance (kms) Start/Max Elevation (Meters) Total Gain/Loss (Meters) Start Cut off
1 Kaza-Tabo-Kaza-Dhankar-Key-Kibber-ChandraTal 260 2792/4554 +3971 July 26, 6pm July 29, 4am/58 hours
2 Chandartaal – Batal -Rohtang Pass 78 4554/4195 +4389 July 29, 3am onwards July 29, 4pm/12 hours

Payment and fee:  

 Race fee:

  • Till April 16, 2016 – $1200/Rs.78,000
  • From April 17, 2016 – $1400/Rs.90,000

Fee includes:

  • Stay in Kaza from July 22-25, 2016 (4 nights)
  • Acclimatization activity:
    • Day 1 – Short 15km evening run towards Lohsar and back
    • Day 2 – Trek to Dhankar/Visit to Key Gompa
    • Day 3 – Visit to local caves
    • Day 4 – Trek/run to Komic village
  • Runner must reach Kaza on their own accord on or before July 22, 2016.
  • Pre-race lunch on July 26, 2016
  • Finish line meal
  • Tents at approximate 30Km intervals for runners and crew to rest and refresh.
  • Rest tents at ChandraTal for those arriving earlier than 3am
  • Route safety
  • Medical support
  • Medical consultation before the race for altitude related issue management
  • Apparel, medal or memento, digital certificate


Runners must bring:

  • Their nutrition supplies for all the race days for use on the route.  Packed meals, energy bars and nutrition supplements are the norm and highly recommended. One can expect to consume a minimum of 2000 calories per day.
  • A 2-liter hydration pack.
  • Emergency personal medicines, which have to be part of your medical kit such as insulin or any other personal medications you may be currently using.

Race supplies and gear check before the stage start:

  • Head lamp
  • Red flashing light
  • 4 sets of spare batteries
  • Whistle
  • Reflective vest
  • Buff
  • Emergency medical supplies
  • Emergency blanket (Space blanket)
  • 4 water bottles
  • 2 liter hydration pack
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap
  • Jacket
  • Rain gear
  • Race patches stitched on to the sleeve of your tee shirt as prescribed in race rules.
  • Warmers or sleeves for legs and arms
  • Mandatory three day stock of packed food – 6000 calories
  • Contact numbers of all race officials and emergency personnel
  • Stage route map
  • Race log

Recommended gear:

  • GPS watch
  • Warm clothing, especially for the last 3 stages of the race.
  • USB spare/solar charging unit
  • Hiking poles

Race categories:

Age as on the event date will apply.

  • Men: 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61 and above
  • Women: 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61 and above

Race gear and patches:

All participants must submit their race gear for inspection before start of each stage. All mandatory race gear must be procured and be lightweight. Racers must carry a minimum of 4000 calories in your pack, which can be restocked from your supplies at the camps. Your baggage, excluding your race pack, will be made available to you at camp at end of each race day.

All racers must wear their race bibs, one in the front of the tee shirt, and one attached to their race pack. All racers must also visibly wear the event organizer’s patch on the right sleeve, provided to you with your race welcome kit.

Race book and Race Log:

Your race book will contain course directions, emergency information and your race logs. Ensure you do not lose the book, which will attract time and disqualification penalties.

Refunds, cancellations, alterations:

In the event of cancellation by the participant, before April 15, 2016, a refund amount of 80% of the race fee is made to the participant. Post April 15, 2016, one-time roll over of 75% of the fee amount to next year is allowed.

In the event of organizers canceling the race for any reason, before April 16, 2015, a full refund will be made to all participants.

In the event of organizers canceling the race, post April 15 2105, for unforeseen reasons such as natural calamities, and unsafe conditions, organizers will make all efforts to reschedule the event to a later date and or conduct the race on an alternate route or on a shorter route.

The event organizers reserve the right to change the race route to ensure safety of the racers and are under no obligation to provide prior notice to the participants. Organizers reserve the right to change the dates in light of any unforeseen conditions, and will not reimburse unless the race is cancelled in its entirety, in which case cancellation conditions stated above will apply.

Withdrawing from the race:

When withdrawing from the race, a racer must notify the race marshals or the officials at the aid-stations and have their race log signed and handed over to the race official. The racers must then await transportation to the nearest evacuation facility and or end point, as and when organizers vehicles become available. In case of medical emergencies, the racer will be transported to the nearest hospital.

General instructions:

You are racing in environmentally fragile locations. As ultra spirit goes ‘leave the place better than you found it’, ensure you do not leave trash on the route, carry all plastic and wrappers to the next aid-stations where you can deposit it in one of the waste containers. Ensure you are not loud, are respectful of the locals and their traditions, are friendly and considerate of your fellow racers and all organizing team members. All volunteers are working hard to ensure you have a good and safe race. Do smile and thank them for their assistance🙂

Additional race info:

  • Temperatures: Dipping to freezing temperatures at night. Day time sun beats down mercilessly at this altitude causing dehydration, sun burn and dizzy spells.
  • Terrain: Broken path, dusty sections, snow peaks and narrow trails cut in to the side of mountains.
  • Water will be provided to you through the race. You must carry your own water bottles so as to not litter the route. You are allowed to refill at the beginning of the stage, at aid-stations along the route and will be provide more water at the end of the race stage.
  • Walkie-talkies and satellite phones: Runners and those without permit are not allowed to carry and use walkie-talkies or satellite phones. You are not allowed to bring them in to the country without prior permits.
  • Inform your embassy where you are traveling to and why. Provide us with your embassy’s contact information in the registration form for communication in an emergency.
  • Temperatures dip as low as 1-2 Celcius at night. Villages are far and few on the route.
  • Foreign nationals will require a visa to come to India, which is the sole responsibility of the participant to procure one well within the event start date. Foreign nationals will also require an inner-line permit, which can be procured upon arrival at Reckong Peo.
  • Runners will have access to emails/net at the end of the race day, where network is available. A computer/laptop/notepad will be made available to you before the start of the race on Day 1 and at the end of the race on Day 2 or Day 3 based on your stage race.
  • Post race finish at Rohtang pass, closest destination is Manali, Himachal Pradesh, from where road transportation to travel to Delhi is viable.
  • Any disputes or appeals must be submitted in writing to the race director, by sending an email to, within 15 days of completion of the event, with all relevant data and/or any supporting documents/data. Race Director’s decision is final. All appeals must be submitted in English, which is also the official language of the race.


Mail us at with your information to apply or if you qualify based on the parameters set, you can register for the race at We will get back with you with your qualifying status. Not all will meet the criteria if they are not an ultra runner with ample experience and entered other tough races around the world. We want to see you on this route, and will be great to share some stories. Please please register by sending  us a brief about your running history to and, let us know of your interest to participate in the race. Upon receipt of your details, we will review and send selected participants an invite to participate in the race. Happy running.

For race queries, please write to us at

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